The Farm Bill Made Hemp Legal, Is CBD Oil Now Legal Too and Is CBD Oil an Essential Oil?

This is Part IV in my series on CBD (cannabidiol) oil. Please see the link below for access to the first three videos.

In this 15-minute video, you will learn:

How hemp was regulated before the Farm Bill got passed.

How the differing state and federal laws on the legalization of cannabis and its constituents contributes to determining the restrictions on CBD oil.

That the FDA is still regulating hemp and holds jurisdiction over cannabis, marijuana, and its constituents, CBD and THC, as drugs.

The details of the press statement by the FDA commissioner on the legalization of hemp and the relation to compounds in cannabis including:

– hemp’s new drug classification
– the warning letters issued to companies manufacturing CBD and THC
– the percentage of THC allowed in hemp oil
– the loopholes left for pharmaceutical, dietary, and supplement companies in using CBD and THC in their products

The current problems with CBD oil including its standardization, quality control, and dosage.

An explanation of the “entourage effect” and its similarity to essential oils synergy.

Determining if your CBD oil is “CBD essential oil.”

… and more.

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Get all the resources and additional references here: http://dr-lobisco.com/video-now-that-hemp-is-legal-is-cbd-oil-too-and-is-cbd-oil-an-essential-oil

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