Rolland Gregg – Thoughts on Sustainability, Hemp & Medical Marijuana – 2011

A video shot in 2011 where Rolland Gregg of the Kettle Falls Five is sharing his thoughts on sustainability and his efforts on legalizing hemp and medical marijuana. —— Update ——- Since this video was filmed Rolland Gregg and his family successfully grew 75 medical marijuana plants on the exact same spot in this video that Rolland cleared on his family’s 33 acre property in Kettle Falls, WA. Ironically as Rolland mention’s “the crooks” AKA as the DEA in this video, the DEA did end up arresting Rolland and his family and putting them in Federal prison. Rolland and his family fought back and took a stand. They became known as the Kettle Falls Five. While going through a federal drug trial and facing life in federal prison for growing medical marijuana to cure his step-father’s cancer, Rolland and his family helped lobby the United States Congress to pass the Rhorbacher/Farr amendment stopping all federal marijuana enforcement in states where it was legal. Rolland and family were eventually convicted and then appealed their conviction to the 9th circuit court of appeals and won their case, drawing a line in the sand and setting a national precedent, ending the federal criminalization of medical marijuana patients nationwide!

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