Review of WC Cannagars CBD Hemp

West Coast Cannagars is made from CBD Hemp, rolled with Hemp Paper, and sealed with Honey for a touch of sweet. This is an earthy tasty Hemp product, but it’s effects are amazing. As an old hippie I don’t care about getting high or stoned and going out in public, but this takes away all the pain and gets you feeling right without the high. I have 6 pinched nerves in my lower back, 8 pinched nerves in my neck, and some crazy painful arthritis. With just 2 hits off the CBD Hemp West Coast Cannagars all my pain was reduced and with a few more hits I was feeling human again. Pain can take you out of yourself and make you so you don’t feel like yourself sometimes, and popping pills has never been much help. This Hemp Cigar pretty much saved my day and helped me get out of the house; and on top of that I still have plenty left after smoking it all day. Just one of these will last me for days and gives me great relief from pain to help increase my mobility and activity. YAY. Thanks again Rob & Jourdan from WC Cannagars. See you at Los Angeles World CBD Expo.

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