Reliance Machinery Co.ltd -5ml/10ml hemp oil small bottle filler capper machine

We RELIANCE MACHINERY (www.pharma-reliance.com) is a professional designer and manufacture who can provide the widest range of liquid filling machine and contract turkey project for different industry, customized solutions for every stage of your business growth from set-up to industrial production. Our filling & packing solution will be widely used in

Pharmaceutical / Medical,
Diagnostic / Biotech,
Cosmetic / Personal Care,
e-Cigarette ,
Household Products,
Chemical Specialties,
Food / Beverage industrials.

With more than 10 years experience on tech-developing and manufacturing, Our machines are designed towards cGMP compliances and cover a wide range of processes, including unscramblers, bottle washer & cleaners, liquid fillers, (tipping) pluggers, crimpers, & cappers, labels applicator, shrink wrapper and cartoner.
From individual machines to complete lines, we can turn your requirement into reality.–we focus on the application, flexibility, changeover, and total cost of ownership.

The quality and our after service is always beyond the contract.
Get a quote: amy@pharma-reliance.com

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