Meet Hemp Oil Educator, Gary Whitney, of OILY RETIREMENT

Guess who my guest today is? Hemp Oil Educator, Gary Whitney of Oily Retirement.

One of the best ways to introduce someone, in my opinion, is through a testimonial.

I first met Gary at a networking event where I learnt about the many benefits of hemp oil. I am a H.U.G.E skeptic, and frankly, did not really believe much of it. I have scoliosis and had been dealing with pain since the time I can remember. It is not bad enough to warrant surgery, but the intensity of pain varies depending on the level of my physical activity. At a certain point in time, I had been dealing with a lot of pain. I had been meeting Gary off and on at networking events. This one evening, Gary and I were two of the host vendors at an event. Our booths were side-by-side, and naturally, we overheard each other’s conversations. Many of the conversations on his booth were concerning pain and how hemp oil helps. Thinking, I have tried everything else, except this, I decided to buy a sample bottle from Gary. After getting home, the skeptic in me kicked in again; I set the hemp oil bottle in my bed-side drawer and forgot about it. Until a few days later, when I had so much pain that I couldn’t walk to the medicine cabinet for a pain killer. Unable to move, I looked in my drawer in hopes of finding a pain med and saw the hemp oil. I opened the bottle, took the dosage Gary had recommended, and sometime after, fell asleep. I woke up the following morning with WAY less pain.

The skeptic in me still doesn’t want to believe. But whenever I am in pain, guess what I take? I am not saying it will help you; just that it helped me with my pain.

Gary’s background is in software engineering and architecture. Before retirement, Gary was, among others, a Data Architect at Microsoft, Data Processing Manager at Howard S. Wright Construction, and Director of Information Technology at American Adventure, Inc.

Here is Gary!

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