Marijuana Man, the Hemp Hero and friend Bong Buddy

Marijuana man gives a rousing psychic speech on how he intends to legalise weed all over the planet again and establish trillion dollar HEMP industries with a few large Shandong level hemp mills funded by stoners. Bong buddy looks on , wishing only that he could afford a vapouriser bong or portable tea maker. Marijuana man is very funny and his psychic speeches are hilarious , he has a few political friends like Greens leader Richard di Natali that he regularly calls up after a huge vegatarian feast to discuss the henry ford hemp car that ran on hemp and was made of it and how to do large scale litigation lawsuits on the steel manufacturers who let our kids die on highways because they dont want cheap 3d printed hemp composite car parts ever made! The great vegetarian and Adolph admirer and wild food forager and car maker Henry Ford used to hit his hemp plastic car with an axe that then bounced back in a completely different way to the way kids bounce all over the road then die horrifically in steel car accidents. He would have saved the world. It is said that on a full moon he would dance around his palatial estates lawn fully naked picking dandelion leaves for the moonrays affects on his nervous system. Its highly unlikely that he convinced hitler to finally go to war in 1938, a year after the rockefellers and hearsts and ainslinger made marijuana illegal in 1937, due to the newly developed hemp decorticator which would have destroyed hearsts mexican paper empire n quite a few others. Hemp paper is cheaper and old stooge rascist randy hearst wanted to chop down 800000 acres of mexican forests he stole for tree paper , like we all still use today to wipe our bottoms with and our childrens future.Patty Hearst became a very clever and great bank robber, so thats something. Remember that we had Air Powered Locomotives in 1886 and newspapers just blatantly lie.Always have .Always will. Hearsts granddaughter robbed banks , good stuff Patty. Hemp cars that never break and hemp houses that cost a few thousand and hemp paper that would have saved the entire earths forests never happened because of such profit driven conscienceless madmen. Never forget that its your duty to oppose evil in all its forms, whether its wearing a suit n tie or has just been knighted by the queen of England for being her majestys best child procurer its your duty to do good deeds. And grow and vapourise lots of weed whilst watching Dave Schapelle with your bong buddies.Viva.

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