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What does it take to become a successful CBD Cannabis Broker? Should I pursue the buyer or the seller? Who do I sell my biomass too? What should I charge? How do I get paid?

Follow me from start to finish on a real CBD deal. See how I secure the grower. Be with me in the field during harvest time. And finally, see how I close the deal and collect my money.

This series will show you an actual CBD deal from start to finish. I will take you to actual cannabis farms and processing facilities. You will see a farm from planting to harvest. You will see me negotiate with the buyers and the sellers. You will be a part of this deal from start to finish!
Welcome to the new age of Cannabis Farming. We as a society have waited too long for this day to come. CBD has changed medicine and placed us on a path that the government can no longer halt. Welcome to freedom my friend!

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