How Natalie helped her dog’s arthritis with an all natural hemp treatment

Life isn’t always easy, and for Natalie, that’s been an understatement the last few years. Thankfully, she has her 15-year-old Queensland Heeler, Mikey.

After losing his doggy brother and human father, Mikey’s been determined to keep the family upbeat and going strong.

But after Mikey losing his brother Joey, his own health started deteriorating. He started showing his age, developed a limp, and was diagnosed with arthritis in this back legs. His veterinarian prescribed two drugs to help Mikey’s arthritis, but there was worry about the damage they could do to his liver.

Natalie wanted a better way to give Mikey the help he deserves without jeopardizing his health. Natalie friend recommended Innovet’s PurCBD.

During his fight with pancreatic cancer, Natalie’s husband Joaquin used CBD to help keep his pain down, and she was curious if it could help Mikey.

It’s been a big success! Mikey’s health once again matches his big personality and determined will. He enjoys doggy events again, loves running and chasing the ball, and is still able to jump in his favorite chair. Now, Mikey is only taking CBD oil and CBD Mobility Chews, and it’s all he needs to keep his herd together.

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InnovetPet – CBD for Pets
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CBD has been used for pet cancer, pet anxiety, pet pain, pet arthritis, pet nausea & vomiting, pet seizures & convulsion.

While our phytocannabinoid oil was designed to be for dog sand cats our pet family has also used it successfully for other pets like pigs, rat, horses.

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