How HEMP Can Save America | TCS LIVESTREAM April 7

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Richard welcomes an author who has discovered the many beneficial uses of growing and manufacturing your own hemp. Every month and every year that goes by, we find out more positive things about it. Medicinal marijuana has been demonized through the years but obviously this plant has a great deal of positive attributes, and it’s also a renewable resource. Being a cash crop, marijuana is bad for the pharmaceutical industry. Hobbs explains why it’s time to fully legalize cannabis and end the War on Drugs.


GUEST: JEN HOBBS has been a publicity consultant for the greater part of her career, representing Oscar and Emmy Award-winning clients as well as politicians and authors. She is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Creative Writing MFA program. In 2016, she co-authored “Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto,” which inspired her to write “American Hemp.” Her family is planning on opening Rolling Meadows, a CBD extraction facility, in Missouri this summer, and her husband invented a patented rolling paper called Spaced Cowboys, the first and only rolling paper with an organic beeswax tip. She lives in St. Charles County, Missouri.

American Hemp: How Growing Our Newest Cash Crop Can Improve Our Health, Clean Our Environment, and Slow Climate Change.


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