Hemp Sacred After Workout Balm 100% Pure Hemp Oil Product Review

Hemp Sacred Pain Balm https://lddy.no/7pgk

Hemp Sacred on Amazon https://amzn.to/2SR7Zj1

Just wanted to do a quick review of a recent product I tried out.

My girlfriend and I both started new workout routines after the New Year. She wound up ordering this Hemp Sacred pain balm after seeing it on Instagram.

My calves have been sore after my runs and workouts lately so decided to try it out today. I normally hate lotions and creams but to my surprise I actually kinda dig this one. It’s not oily or greasy, doesn’t smell too bad a bit of a peppermint smell, but it actually works.

I first put it on my right leg to try it and whether it was placebo or actually works I don’t know but my right leg after about 10 minutes was quite a bit looser than my left calf which was still quite stiff so wound up putting it on my other leg.

If you’re getting into a new fitness routine for the new year and are sore or stiff after your workouts give this stuff a try.

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