HEMP Documentary: Hemp in Fashion Ep1

In the first episode, we follow Dom as he discovers more about the plant as a fibre and its uses within the fashion industry. He speaks to a number of people within Afends to better understand it’s uses and benefits, as well as their reasoning for moving towards using a fibre that until recently, had a pretty niche market (read: stinky hippies).

24/04/19 – Episode Two – THC USA
01/05/19 – Episode Three – CBD USA
08/05/19 – Episode Four – The History of Hemp
15/05/19 – Episode Five – Medical Cannabis Australia
22/05/19 – Episode Six – Farm To Home
29/05/19 – Episode Seven – The Future

For more info head to our blog – https://afends.com/blogs/behind-the-brand/h-e-m-p-trailer

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