Four Loko Hemp Review! Best Paired with 420 and Junk Food.

KyBrewReview brings us this video today where they do a Four Loko Hemp Review. KyBrewReviews are short for Kentucky Brew Reviews and the 2 hosts in the video is called Radar and Special K! Interesting names indeed.

Today they have something very special to review. Special K had to search really hard to find this special for Radar to try. He ended up going to a shady part of town and when walking into a gas station they had a whole pile of these beers there.

The gas station didn’t even know they had it, and couldn’t ring it up on the till initially. So this is the Four Loko Hemp drink which is 12% alcohol by volume. It says on the can that it is best paired with 420 and junk food.

When they open the can and start pouring it into the cups for sampling, they are quite surprised by the color. Unlike other brews it has a dark green color to it. It is very green!

four loko hempfour loko hemp

Even the head of foam is green. So far the guys do not look that keen to try it. Radar even comments that it doesn’t smell good. They proceed to describe it as smelling like roofing tar with leaves added.

So far they have not even tasted it but they find the color as well as the smell very off-putting. But they push free and take a sip.

After each takes a sip they sit for a moment and contemplate. Special K is first to venture a comment and it is that it is not as bad as he expected it to be. However he still doesn’t think it is very good. The word he uses is gross.

He equates the taste with very strong grape fruit. Radar agrees but says you are getting a piece of the rind with the grapefruit. Special K quips that no, you are smoking the grapefruit first before eating it! LOL.

Evidently it also has the weirdest finish which according to these guys is the tar. They note that they are not getting a lot of the Hemp taste in it. It gets described as “The afterthought of skunkiness”. These guys really are not impressed.

So initial thoughts. It is not good or even average. Radar gives this “unnatural” drink a 2.5 out of 10. Special K likes it slightly better and rates it at 3.5 out of 10.

The guys are in agreement that they would not recommend this.

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