Fields Of Hemp – Therapy & Elektra CBD Hemp Flower

This video from Shabazz is not a review of Fields Of Hemp, but just a look at a hemp flower that he received from them. Shabazz already did an official review of them previously and is unwrapping a shipment he received from them.

He was extremely impressed with the goods he received from Fields Of Hemp last time so he just had to go back and get a larger amount.

First up Shabazz shows us the Elektra Flower he received and he is really impressed by both the quality and size of it. He points out the purple color in there and comments on how esthetically pleasing this hemp flower is. The calyxes are covered in trichome and it has a couple of fox tails.

Shabazz just can’t stop talking about how beautiful it is and that it also smells absolutely amazing.

Next he gives us a look of the Therapy flower. Once again he is absolutely blown away at how good it smells and whishes that the viewers could experience it. He is sorry we can’t smell it. He finds the Therapy Flower just as beautiful and pleasing as the Elektra and takes it out of the bag to give us a better look.

Fields of HempFields Of Hemp

While giving us a good look of the Therapy he adds that there are no seeds in these flowers. It is perfectly cured, perfectly trimmed and not like other CBD flowers that are full of leaves, dry and brittle. He enthusiatically recommends having a look at Fields Of Hemp (https://fieldsofhempllc.com/). You will not be disappointed.

All of their products are fresh stock and the even provide CBD Pet chews now. They have a wide range of products available including batch bombs. Also make sure you check out their Buy One Get One Free items.

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