Does Hemp Get Me High? | People Try Hemp Creamer

Does hemp get me high? What does it taste like? What are Omega-3’s and why do I want them?

When you’ve got the very first Hemp Creamer, it can be hard knowing what to expect it to taste like and you might have a few questions.

So we went to a few coffee spots and gave some people Elmhurst’s brand new Unsweetened Hemp Creamer to try. Here’s what they had to say.

Want to share your opinion? Grab some to try for yourself here and tag us at @elmhurst1925 or use the hashtag #WhatTheHemp when you do – http://bit.ly/Hemp-Creamer

To learn more about hemp visit our blog – https://elmhurst1925.com/blogs/news/does-hemp-get-me-high-qxh

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Elmhurst 1925 is an innovative plant based beverage brand with clean labels and better nutrition.

We believe in a minimal list of quality ingredients. Instead of adding gums, oils or any other fillers, we maximize the amount of nutrients and flavor directly from the source.

Simpler is better.

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