Wildflower Hemp Co SHATTER CBD Review

This video from TurntSandwich CBD gives us a review of the Wildflower Hemp Co Shatter CBD. And he is super exited about this amazing CBD product. He did ask what strain this was but since he got it from a re-seller, he believes this is a batch of multiple strains.

The bag it comes in is quite small so just have patience when getting the Wildflower Hemp Co Shatter CBD out. He has also never seen a concentrate come in a paper wrapping like this before. But fortunately it doesn’t stick too much to the wrapping, just pop it into the fridge for a bit to cool down and it comes right off.

The reviewer then gets really exited explaining that this is the most insane and most clean CBD Concentrate he has ever seen in his life! LOL. He goes on to explain that every CBD Concentrate he normally sees is just some isolate crap or something hardened or just some crappy wax. But in his words, this Wildflower Hemp Co Shatter CBD is CRAZY!

And it smells like Shatter. It is absolutely incredible. He transfers it from the wrapping to some parchment paper. He then weighs it up so we can see how much it is, and it comes out to about 1.15 grams. He takes a few dabs of it to determine at what temperature it would be best.

After having a dab he explains that the effects are great. Evidently it is a great mood booster and will really get you through the day. And tastes amazing! He is really impressed with the great quality of this Shatter and recommends the Wildflower Hemp Co Shatter wholeheartedly.

The quality you are getting for the price is really good value for money. He has bought from local suppliers before Shatter that were far inferior yet a lot more expensive per gram. He recommends that you all need to try this.

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  1. TurntSandwich

    Well I’m the guy who posted this review. Idk how this site works but thanks for postin it! Can’t be too mad since people can hit my channel through the video. This stuff is absolutely crazy and you should pick some up!

    1. admin

      LOL. It’s a pleasure. The site automatically finds relevant content from YouTube and post it on the site. I’m glad it has increase your traffic to the channel. Hope some guys subscribed!

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