Benefits of Hemp Seeds – by Dr. Helly hernandez

Hemp Seeds – Healthy superfoods – by Dr. Helly hernandez

Everything you need to know about Hemp seeds

All the benefits of these seeds are based on their properties and that is a product that is obtained from nature.
• Decreases the risk of developing cancer
• It decreases the levels of cholesterol in blood and in the walls of the blood vessels.
• Reduces discomfort to gastric level (constipation, colitis and hyperperitivism) for being high in fibers
• Prevents damage at the macular level and in treatments of otitis
• Beneficious for the relief of pain caused in women when having menstruation, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects.
• Increases the defense response by the immune system by external pathogens.
• Helps to promote good functioning liver and have a better clearance of toxins that enter the body
• It helps increase body mass, because of its protein content.
• It is used for a person who has been diagnosed with anemia due to high levels of iron.
• Improves the condition of nails and hair in those who ingest it so continues.
• It is a natural muscle relaxant
• Although its food use can be used as ingredients for cosmetic products such as soaps, shampoos and creams; and, also industrial products like varnishes are made.
• At the bone level, it benefits from the contributions it provides by being high in vitamin D and calcium.
• They help reduce levels of fatigue and fatigue can develop a multiple person causes either for work or for other things.
• It helps increase body mass, because of its protein content.

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