510 THC Hemp CBD Oil filling machine suppliers desktop cartridge filler

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Features of CBD Oil filling machine
1. Filling for CBD oil cartridge,cigarette,vape,bottle, oil
2. High Filling Precision
3. Touch screen for Control Panel & Oil Control Panel– Optional
4. Customized tray/Jig
5. Preheating System could be avaiable for very thick oil
6. Cheaper Price
7. Total solution: We can provide filling machines and cartridge, disposable pens for CBD oil.

Specifications of desktop cartridge filler
VCEEGO CBD oil filling machine
Working type: Top filling machine
Working area (X*Y*Z): X300 * Y300 * Z100mm
Exterior dimension: L550 * W 550 * Z 650mm
Motor system: Micro stepping motor/ Synchronous belt
Machine Net Weight: 110kg (with wooden box package total weight 135kg,
change to a bigger pressure barrel, total weight 145kg)
Operation system: Chinese and English Teach pendant
Power supply: 110v US triangle plug (can be choosed)
Heating Element: Standard oil filling machine include one set heating elements

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