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NEW Cam Battley of Aurora Cannabis Interview on hemp and acquisition of Hempco

“We see an enormous economic opportunity in hemp and we will be pursuing it around the world,” CCO Cam Battley says on the company’s push into hemp and acquisition of Hempco.

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Hemp Selling Organic Egg Farming Uber Driver – #194

The AH Crew sit down to talk about Marvel movies, identifying US states, rideshare stories, and more on this week’s Off Topic! This episode originally aired August 16, 2019 and is sponsored by Blue Apron (, MVMT (, code MVMT26), and Quip ( Join FIRST to watch episodes early: » Get your Achievement Hunter merch: » Subscribe: About Achievement Hunter: Hello fellow Gamer. This you should watch me. I play game. Good. Thank you, thank you. If you watch me, I’m hot. Videos, they’ll be better… The…

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Industrial Hemp: transformation for NC agriculture? | Jack Whitley | TEDxGreensboro

Hemp, a long banned crop in the US, has great potential for North Carolina agriculture. Like the peanut, hemp has many uses in food and manufacturing. During a twenty-five year business career, he has worked for two organizations; a Fortune 50 consumer financial services company and a mid-market e-commerce specialty retailer. Jack’s work has been at the intersection of marketing, technology, e- commerce, strategy, corporate leadership, and both for-profit and non-profit board service. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by…

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