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Malcolm, Asher and I went down to my hometown in Alabama to give a hemp workshop, visit my family, and take care of some business with some property my mom left me. We also stopped by one of my favorite historical sites. NEW VIDEOS MOST WEDNESDAYS AND SOME SATURDAYS! #farmercee #greenblackgirl _ Be sure to watch: _ Welcome to my little corner of the universe! I am the #greenblackgirl who wants to help save the world – through my “day job” as a global fundraiser who works with the world’s…

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CBD Unicorns | Hemp Deals Gone Awry |

CBD Unicorn Hemp Deals in the US have brokers, buyers, and sellers, wide eyed doing new business with large orders that seem “too good to be true…” Every had someone say they “need 100 kilos of isolate? How about 1,000 kilos!? Nick Boomer has been in the cannabis / hemp industry for a long time and experienced these Unicorns deals that never get landed, for several reasons… Watch and listen how the market has brokers, buyers, and sellers, spinning their wheels… Be sure to subscribe, leave a comment, and check…

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