Catch More Roach On HEMP! | Michael Buchwalder

Natural water expert Michael Buchwalder may be best known as a international feeder angler these days, but he is also a dab hand at catching big bags of roach on the pole. In his latest vid, he shows you how to catch beautiful roach on hempseed! For more great tips and content visit Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel for more great match fishing video content… Leave a comment below if you have a question or a suggestion about this video!

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Entourage¬≤ | Proprietary Hemp Oil Tips & How To’s

Tips & How To’s with Entourage Squared Samples & Information Entourage¬≤ Sample 2oz Bottles and More Information New Lease on Life

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Your Benefits from Planting Hemp [HD]

Green thumb? Give this multi-use plant a try. It’s pretty incredible what it can do. Or get your products here at No high, all the healing power! video produced by Lilith Marlene Munck, MotionToDesign,

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