Hemp Holding Company – John Porterfield

Montana is one of the few states that was prepared for the passing of the farm bill. They was no delays for hemp companies within the state to start selling they products. John Porterfield the CEO of the Hemp Holding Company speak with Dan Humiston about the products they are selling online and their rapid addition of acreage to their organic hemp farming operation. Additional information is available on the MJBulls website. Hemp Barons is produced by MJBulls Media.

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Hemp Barons Preview

Cannabis is now being used for so much more than getting people high. This once demonized plant is now embraced for the revolutionizing impact it’s having on almost every conceivable product. Hemp Barons is a new weekly podcast produced by MJBulls Media featuring the companies, products and entrepreneurs that are using hemp to make everything better. In this episode we learn about this new podcast and preview some of the upcoming guests who are using hemp to change to world. Learn more about the show at MJBulls Media

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