How Hemp-CBD Products are Made: CBD Vape Pens

For consumers looking for a simple and discreet way to microdose CBD throughout the course of their day, CBD vape pens can be a great solution. As consumer interest in these once-niche products has grown, companies like Select CBD have responded by adding ingredients like essential oils to pair pleasing flavors and aromas with their CBD oil. The team at Select CBD also makes traceability a priority for their vape pens, putting practices into place that ensure customers can view the origin of every ingredient in their pens. The label…

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HEMP Inc Puerto Rico and Oregon

Hemp Inc expands into Puerto Rico. Bruce Perlowin also discusses Oregon Hemp Inc processing facility. Bruce posted on his facebook – “We’re making great progress in Puerto Rico on all levels. While looking for Manufacturing buildings we took a break to shoot some footage about our Local Processing Center in Oregon to be aired on a local show next month. The moral of the story here is that this is the model we are building all over America as we help do our part in building the industrial hemp infrastructure…

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