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What’s fueling the growth in North Carolina hemp production

A growing number of North Carolina’s farmers are turning to hemp production as a new source of revenue, spurred by the popularity of CBD products and the Trump administration’s trade war with China, which has hit the state’s tobacco industry especially hard by decimating the export market. But is hemp production the future of family farms in North Carolina? Hari Sreenivasan reports. More from today’s show in North Carolina: How North Carolina became a swing state: What impact will North Carolina have on the 2020 election? * Stream…

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Hemp Inc. Reports 2018 Full Year Fianancial Results

The USA is embracing industrial hemp and Hemp Inc is becoming a global leader of industrial hemp, reporting very promising financial results for 2018. 4/29/2019 – The Light Music: The Southern Sinners: “Take Away My Pain”, “Open your Eyes” Order the album here:! The Southern Sinners Facebook page: Relevant Links:

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