Ep:22 High Fashion Hemp – Hempy’s Owner Kenneth Smith & Our New Reddit Page

Hempy’s Hats, Wallets, Belts, Yoga Pants…batteries? Is there anything you can’t make with Hemp?? Col talks with the owner of California’s OG Hemp clothing brand from the 90s Hempy’s about how Hemp Fashion is on a third wave of popularity in the past 30 years. We are giving away a “GOT CBD” hemp ball cap courtesy of Hempy’s, listen for the details. We also meet our new Social Media Maven and Reddit Mod named Cass. She tells us everything we might have missed recently on our subreddit r/CBDGANG, and she…

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“恩达杯”2018中国麻纺设计邀请赛 “EnDaCup” HEMP Design Invitation Tournament

【订阅中文剧场 专享更多经典好剧!】 ✧时装周专区: 2017宁波国际时装周: 2018中国国际时装周: ✦精彩好剧持续更新,诚意推荐: 《我爱男保姆》: 《聊斋新编》: 《同在屋檐下》: 《冲出月亮岛》: 《刀光枪影》: 《黑狐之风影》: 《誓言》: 《一代枭雄》: 《我的绝密生涯》: 《不要离开我》: 《伏击》: 《新闺蜜时代》: 《谈判冤家》: 《钢的琴》: 《龙门镖局》: 《金牌律师》:

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Nonprofits & Activism 

Hemp is the Key to The Future | Kyle Oliveira | TEDxBryantU

This talk primarily focuses on how hemp is a better alternative to traditional methods of making clothing. Additionally, it revolves around hemp’s history and myriad of uses. Kyle Oliveira is the Founder of Luxury Leaf LLC, a hemp clothing company. With over 2 years of research and experience in the industry, he has become extremely familiar with the facts and benefits of hemp. Kyle is a current student at Bryant and is pursuing a degree in Finance with concentrations in Economics and Applied Analytics. In his time outside of academics,…

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