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How hemp can build a new agricultural economy | Nathan Hall | TEDxCorbin

In his talk, Nathan Hall uncovers what it means to have a grounded Appalachian economy in an increasingly tech-driven and climate-conscious global context. He describes why he thinks high-value CBD hemp production on creek bottom fields and reclaimed strip mines represents one of the best cultural, climatic and geographic fits for the region’s future. His story shows us how the development of a profitable and sustainable agriculture economy is possible—as we see how he learned to turn environmental liabilities into productive assets in his community. Nathan Hall, a former underground…

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Malcolm, Asher and I went down to my hometown in Alabama to give a hemp workshop, visit my family, and take care of some business with some property my mom left me. We also stopped by one of my favorite historical sites. NEW VIDEOS MOST WEDNESDAYS AND SOME SATURDAYS! #farmercee #greenblackgirl _ Be sure to watch: _ Welcome to my little corner of the universe! I am the #greenblackgirl who wants to help save the world – through my “day job” as a global fundraiser who works with the world’s…

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