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Hemp vs Autoimmune Diseases, Hemp Humanitarians

Over 100 Autoimmune Diseases!!! This is ALARMING. Alternatively, use the Power of HEMP to assist the Endocannabinoid System to trigger healing. As ALWAYS, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!! Research tool: Search “Education” for thousands of clinical studies Autoimmune Disease List email:

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CBD Hemp Harvester Assembly – Changing from Transport to Operator Mode

This video walks through step by step instructions on how to change your harvester from transport mode, as you will receive it, into operator mode. It also includes saw blade change/install instructions as you should change or swap out this blade roughly every 15,000 plants. This is a great guide to get your harvester setup for the 2019 harvest season as well as some tips and pointers on operation. Please refer to your manual included in the kit for spare parts, detailed assembly diagrams, operating procedures and maintenance tips to…

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Premium Hemp Flower

Premium CBD Champs Hemp Flower Hemp Goods You Can Trust All products are certified organic and free from pesticides and heavy metals. Each batch is tested to ensure the quality and potency. All products are below 0.3% THC and do not contain any additives or synthetic materials. This product contains cannabidiol (CBD), a beneficial plant extract, made from American grown hemp.

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