CBD with DB: CBD from Hemp vs Marijuana. Is there a difference?

Hi, I’m Derek Baker and on this segment of CBD with DB I discuss the differences, if any between CBD derived from Marijuana vs CBD derived Hemp. Many people say CBD from Hemp doesn’t work or is different than the CBD derived from Marijuana, so I felt this topic was worth exploring.

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Hemp House Wholesale CBD Isolate Program

Hemp House Wholesale CBD Isolate | The best bang for your buck when it comes to raw CBD Isolate – 1000mg of California grown, lab tested Hemp CBD. Our partnerships with our California farms allows us to extract and provide the 99.417% pure CBD isolate, which is encouraged to be used for the following: – Edible CBD Treats – Topical Salves – Oil Based Products – Restaurant Menu Add-Ons – CBD Mocktails – Baking & Cooking

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420 HAUL: Hemp Masters, Phyto Family PhytoDabs, and Kana Brownzzz First Impressions

Hey everyone! I’m sorry for being MIA. This video is one I wanted to get out ASAP and was shot over the weekend, so of course, I had to rush it out first. Get lost in the Trichome Forrest with me in my first ever attempt at a close up for the channel. More to come! Have you tried any of Phyto Family’s or Hemp Masters products? If so, which are your favorites? Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Hemp Masters does not currently sell direct and…

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