Review of WC Cannagars CBD Hemp

West Coast Cannagars is made from CBD Hemp, rolled with Hemp Paper, and sealed with Honey for a touch of sweet. This is an earthy tasty Hemp product, but it’s effects are amazing. As an old hippie I don’t care about getting high or stoned and going out in public, but this takes away all the pain and gets you feeling right without the high. I have 6 pinched nerves in my lower back, 8 pinched nerves in my neck, and some crazy painful arthritis. With just 2 hits off…

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What Is Hemp?

This video may start off slow, but there are lots of good information throughout the video. I sure have learned so much more in just doing the research for this segment. The industry itself has gone through a rough go in the last 100 years. The government recognizes it to be a useful tool and it will take time for the industry to really start moving. www.BudLightYR.com https://budlightyr.com/ Tweets by xbudlightyrx https://www.instagram.com/budlightyr/?hl=en https://www.patreon.com/user Fact Checking Sites History Of Hemp In The US https://www.onlinemastersinpublichealth.com/hemp-cash-crop/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemp http://www.hempcar.org/untoldstory/hemp_3.html Hemp for Victory Video News…

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