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Hemp Fields Pollinating Recreational Fields

With the Hemp Industry Heating up, there are unintended consequences. Red Eyed Widow explores what they are and the short and long-term impacts. Website: About Us Gentlemen Stoners: Instagram- Twitter- GAB- TheWeedTube- Facebook- R.Widow: Instagram- Twitter- Oregon Cannabis: Instagram- Twitter- SouthernOregon420: Instagram-

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Hemp is Legal: How to enter the cannabis cultivation business (Part 2)

Marijuana has become a major billion dollar industry and many entrepreneurs want to know how they can join this growing enterprise. But where do you start? You will need to build a team, know your financials, have a suitable location or facility for your work and develop a cultivation plan. Join me Charles Wu, Roz McCarthy and our JARVIZ guests as we share our experiences in the cannabis industry and discuss the implications of starting and running a marijuana business in the United States right now. — ► Subscribe to…

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