Bruce Banner #3 10% CBD | UK CBD Weed / Hemp Flower | Hemphash

Lovely diesel strain with a slight undertone of a fruity earthy kush. Really love this strain! Get it here: Disclaimer: This product was purchased with my own money, I am not sponsored by Hemphash what so ever. This product is 100% legal and the video was shot entirely for educational purposes only and does not break any Youtube guidelines!

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Relief Buddies CBD hemp flower monthly subscription box review

!! How did they get all this in one little box !! get your relief goodies at use discount code: “thebauce” for 10% off YouTube: Relief Buddies Instagram: relief_buddies Facebook- Erica Sauce (personal) eSauce (artist) Instagram- @esaucebauce Background music: Love Poems If you would like me to review your products feel free to send me a email at #cbd #hemp #reliefbuddies

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