HEMP – Till A’ The Seas (Official Music Video)

The Eye (EP 2019)
HEMP, born in 2016 in Ferrara, Italy. Releasing their first self-produced single in March 2017 entitled “Who SHould You Be?”. Obsessed by Tony Iommi, violent riffs and hate for human beings. Obey the riff.
Till A’ The Seas is the fifth song from HEMP’s new album “The Eye”, out now via Leynir Booking & Prod. Shot and edited by Simone Anomalia Furia at Sonika.
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The planet is heated up, poles have melted,
Water has almost disappeared, I live the worst scenario

the only person I’ve ever met died a few days ago
I faced fatigue and thirst to find someone for a new beginning

Until all the seas didn’t dry up
Humanity believed that it had the right on life

Thirsty and disappointed I find water to survive
I stumble and die like a fool, and so does humanity

The race believed as best of all
Has ceased to exist as a dumb

Mankind has disappeared,
The earth has had its revenge.
Written by HEMP (Albieri, Lunardi, Revello, Schiavina) and Morini.
Produced by HEMP and SAMBOELA
Recorded at Sonika Recording Studio
Engineered and mixed by SAMBOELA
Mastered by Andrea De Bernardi at Eleven Mastering Studios.
Released via Leynir Booking & Prod.
Shot and edited by Simone Anomalia Furia

Simone Furia:


A special thank to Pino and Petti: this wouldn’t have been possible without your help.

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